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Audits are all about inspections, balances, and assurances, which may be required by law or held voluntarily by the company to ensure the accurate financial picture of the firm. We can provide end-to-end auditing and assurance services. Whether it’s about financial reports, business procedures, or information systems, we’ve got you covered.

We believe in creating trust amongst all components of the organization as India’s top audit firm. Our auditing methods provide management with a comprehensive view of the company’s financial position, allowing them to take the necessary actions to boost the company’s development potential. At KKCA, we provide tailored guarantee services for our clients in both the local and worldwide markets, all of which are characterized by exceptional quality.

We concentrate on aiding our clients in getting through difficult professional obligations with transparency and quickness. Our partner-led strategy is meant to help you manage difficulties by delivering tailored solutions and insights into your organization.

We work with our customers on a regular basis to ensure compliance with statutory obligations, especially disclosures. We also seek to produce positive, valuation results. Our auditing services assist customers in achieving their corporate goals. Our tried-and-true technique allows top people to be involved at frequent intervals during the assessment process, guaranteeing value beyond the scope of our audit report. As a consequence, for more than two decades, KKCA personnel and associates have audited different companies in India (Stock auditors in India) and overseas. Our pleased clients motivate us to constantly upgrade the effectiveness of the assessments we provide.

Our Services

  1. Compulsory accounting.
  2. Continual consolidation of financial reporting.
  3. Assisting with the preparation of production accounting reports on a monthly and quarterly basis.
  4. Keeping statutory and financial records throughout the year.
  5. Ensuring that processes concerning withholding tax, GST, and other taxes are followed.
  6. Maintaining physical inventory and updating it on a regular/consistent basis, as needed.
  7. Financial examination of reports to determine opportunities for development and improvement.
  8. Payroll administration for the customer on a monthly basis.
  9. Income statement audits, inspections, and consolidation.
  10. Procedural reports that have been agreed upon.
  11. Construction of a financial policies and procedures guideline.
  12. Internal control evaluations are conducted throughout the year.
  13. Service provision for internal audit functions.

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