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In simple words, international taxation is the study of taxation beyond the national level. It is the investigation or determination of the taxation of individuals or companies based on the tax laws of different countries or, the international aspects of tax laws of each country. 

Although we are all very familiar with our Indian tax law, over time, it is necessary to study taxation at a higher level. Our team experts at AJSH can help you understand more about the income tax assessment of your company as well as about your income tax updates. They can also help you with representing your tax assessments, withholding your tax treaty issues, international taxation, transfer pricing documentation or certificates and tax structuring etc. 

Our company also offers tax services in countries like Singapore, Australia, Canada, the UK and the United States of America.

At AJSH we help companies with yearly or quarterly tax provision calculation, tax controls and processes, validating tax balance and sheet accounts etc. We can help you with some of these tax returns-


Our tax experts can help you in Singapore with GST returns, for yearly filing of income tax for entities 9 (Form C and Form CS), for personal income tax returns, for calculating and filing of estimated income that is chargeable, Filing of yearly return with ACRA (both in non-XBRL and XBRL formats).


AJSH professionals will help you with individual taxes, company tax returns, BAS report quarterly in addition to PAYG and GST, preparing group certificates and calculating superannuation deduction in Australia.


Our company assists you with income tax returns in Canada. In addition, for preparing T4 and T5 slips, for QST, HST, GST returns, in lodging tax return filing and calculation. Also, calculation of CCA and payroll taxes.

United Kingdom

In the UK we assist VAT registration/deregistration, VAT returns quarterly, payroll processing etc.

United States of America

In the USA you can ask our company to assist you with Federal (Individual, company and partnership) tax returns, Tax-exempt returns, Sales tax returns for almost thirty states etc.

At AJSH we believe in providing our customers with the best assistance. You can also check out our website for many other assistances that we provide in the USA and UK. 

However, it is also good to know about tax filing errors to avoid tax notices. A tax notice is a letter that is sent by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) which alerts an individual regarding any issue about their tax or account. According to tax laws, all individuals must report all sources of income or file for income tax returns (ITR). It is important to take care while filing an ITR as a minor mistake can result in you getting a tax notice. Therefore, you must avoid the common mistakes that are done while filing tax to avoid tax notice-

Change in ITR Forms

ITR forms are subject to changes and new forms need to be provided with detailed information to avoid tax leaks. Until the previous year, a report under income from other sources had to be submitted. However, now it is important to provide pass-through income, income tax refund, bank accounts and interest income from recurring deposits and fixed deposits should be declared separately under every head. This avoids declaring or hiding selective interest income.

Sharing PAN details is mandatory while selling immovable property. In addition, share in percentage and address should also be shared under other details of the buyer.

Mismatch Expenses and Income

IT Department will look into your social media accounts to check if there is any gap in between your reported income and expenses. For instance, if your spending pattern does not tally with your declared income then you can get visited by a taxman.

In addition to these, there are many more errors that might leave you getting a tax notice. They are-

  • Tax deducted at source for property deals
  • Misreporting long term capital gains (LTCG) on equity 
  • No deduction of tax deducted source on rent and
  • Reporting long term capital gains from companies in your tax returns 

Although there are a lot of mistakes as to why you can get a tax notice. Not all of them should be a cause for concern. We at AJSH are always keen on helping you with information regarding tax notices.

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